• paypal fees calculator

    A PayPal Fees Calculator Makes Online Selling Easier

    When you’re selling stuff online, or even being paid via PayPal, you need to know how much using that service will cost you. This is where a PayPal fees calculator comes into play. There are easy to use web pages and apps which will do the maths for you. Let’s have a look at how this can benefit you and your online selling. PayPal Fees Calculator If you are doing a lot of online selling, use a PayPal fees calculators like this one from Transferwise. It will do all the number crunching for you. It will work out your PayPal fee, based on both the fixed and variable fees once…

  • coffee

    Starbucks Prices Too Expensive? Save Money On Coffee!

    Have you been paying Starbucks prices for your coffee fix? It can far too easily add up and you can soon find yourself spending £25 or £30 a week, or more, on coffee. How can you save money? Let’s take a look. Change Where You Drink If you’ve been paying Starbucks prices for your cappuccino or americano, have you considered simply changing where you drink? Where you shop i so important because different cafes and outlets will charge different prices. Whilst we might have our favourite places or those nearest to our place of work, if you can save even 50p on your drink, that will add up to some…