Helping Your Child Develop their Vocabulary

The choice of words that we use are incredibly influential in how we put ourselves across and communicate with others. Having a greater vocabulary will help children to enrich their sentences and improve academically. It helps them in formulating better answers and comprehension as there will be more that they can understand. If you would like ideas on how to build your child’s vocabulary, keep reading.

This post is in collaboration with a private nursery in Hampshire.

Story Time

Why not make story time a regular thing? It is believed that reading is the fastest way to learn new words. Children are able to pick up on them, learn more about them through the context that they’re used in and become familiar with their spellings.

Diversify Your Vocabulary

Aside from their teachers at school, you’re such a huge part of your child’s learning and development. The words that you use every day can help to diversify your child’s vocabulary and help them to enrich their communication. You don’t need to sound as if you’ve swallowed a dictionary, just try switching up your normal vocabulary with a few synonyms.  

Word Wall

Another simple yet effective way to help build your child’s vocabulary is to build a word wall. This is a wall of the new words that they have learned and can correctly spell. As they learn new ones, they can reflect on the old so they aren’t forgotten about. 

Help Your Child with Their School Spellings

Children are given new words to learn as a part of their homework for English. They are tested on their spellings and are given new ones each week. This is to also expand their vocabulary and something that you can help them with by setting aside some time to go over them together. You can use methods like look, cover, write, check for this.

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